Carmichael Consulting specializes in marketing real estate projects and communities.

We realize developer’s visions through market research, strategic planning, deliberate marketing initiatives and swift execution of all aspects of digital and traditional marketing platforms.


A clear vision of any project is a wonderful thing. If the vision is the ultimate destination, the strategic plan is the road map that will lead you there. At Carmichael Consulting, we provide this road map. By understanding your vision, your mission and your values, and armed with a thorough grasp of many other variables, we tailor a strategic plan that makes realizing your vision viable and practical.

Assessing current positioning, identifying immediate opportunities and formulating strategies to reach revenue goals: we’ve done this for many non-profits, manufacturers, builders and real estate developers – let us do it for you.


Whether you’re a new company taking your first steps towards branding or an established firm requiring modernization or a brand ‘face lift’, at Carmichael Consulting we work with you to consider all of the external factors.  Our aim in both cases is to develop or enhance a brand that isn’t just blindly tossed at the target.

Our forte is creating and promoting brands that are strategically and deliberately crafted to hit the bull’s eye. A unique brand that stands apart from all the other “me too” marketing makes the job of advertising and merchandising infinitely easier.


Most of the larger agencies that provide exactly what we do have costly in-house overhead that you pay for in the end – whether you use all their services or not.

Carmichael Consulting has a vast resource of trusted suppliers that we hire on an as-needed basis. This streamlined approach means greater agility and far better value for you. The services in our arsenal include everything required to conceive and implement fully-integrated marketing campaigns: web design and coding, SEO enhanced copywriting, SEO management, content development, social media programming and management, PPC campaigns and traditional channels including large and small print publishing needs.


There’s that old saying that “the devil is in the detail” and it’s why many companies have a devil of a time seeing beyond the minutiae and focusing on the bigger picture. Every big project has countless moving parts and at Carmichael Consulting, we have the experience and insight to get them started, oversee them and keep them on time and on budget, so that you can do what you do best.

Serving as a liaison between owners, general contractors and architects, we work hand in hand with development teams to achieve unique construction goals.